Placing an Order

There are 4 steps to placing an order

Choose Products Use either the Quick Pick view or Availability view to choose the list of Style/Colors on your order
Enter Quantities Enter the quantities of products you want to order
Enter Shipping Info Enter the specific information about the order: Need Date, PO Number, Shipping Location, etc.
Confirm Order Review the items on your order along with our current or expected availability for each item.  Submit your order to Castelli and Sportful America from here.
  • Your web browser times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Any unsaved orders are lost if your browser times out. 
  • You can save your order at anytime by clicking the Save button.  This saves your order to the Retailer web site without submitting the order to us.
  • You can come back to any previously saved order on the view ORDERS page.
  • Availability quantities over 25 are displayed as '25'.
  • Click on the Style Name to popup Style Detail info and images.

Order Tips