Review Orders

You can use the Review Orders page to review your list of orders.  All web orders you have saved, but haven't submitted are displayed along with all orders you've placed in the previous 12 months.

Browser When you start a new order, it is just in your browser's memory until you save it.  If you close your browser, or leave it sitting for over 20 minutes, your order goes away.  To keep from losing an order just click the Save button at the top of each order page. (web orders only)
Open/Working When you save a web order, its status starts as Open/Working.  You can think of this as your own working/planning area.  You can keep as many Open/Working orders around as you like for as long as you like.  We never do anything with your Open/Working orders.  You need to submit your Open/Working orders for us to process your order. (web orders only)
Submitted You submit an order to us by clicking on the submit button on the Order Confirm page.  Once you have submitted an order, you cannot make any changes to it yourself.  You need to call us or use the Support page to cancel or change the order.  Your order stays in Submitted status until we download your order from the Retailer Web. (web orders only)
Received Once we've downloaded your order, it will be in Received status for a short period until it is updated in our internal order management system.  Once it is in our internal system, its status is updated to Pending. (web orders only)
Pending Pending status means that the order is in our order management system and waiting for the required date or product availability before it is shipped.
Partially Shipped Order has been partially shipped, and there are still some back-ordered items.  You can view all of the invoices for an order to see what was shipped and when, and even click on a tracking number on the View Invoice page to track a shipment with UPS.
Complete Order has been shipped in full, or order has been partially shipped and remaining product has been cancelled.
Cancelled Cancelled orders are not displayed on the website.
Order Statuses
New Start a new order on the website.  Same as clicking the Place Order option on the toolbar.
Edit Open the selected order in the Place Order pages.  To submit an Open/Working to us, you need to Edit it and choose Submit from the Confirm Order page. (Open/Working orders only)
Delete Delete an order.  If you accidently delete an order, we can probably get it back for you... just call us or send us a message using the Support page. (Open/Working orders only)
View View line item details for an order.  You can view Invoices and even track packages on Orders that have shipped.
Status View availability/shipping status of an order using the Order Status page
Clone Make a copy of this order and edit it using the Place Order pages.
Images View or download all images for this order.  You'll have the option of choosing the size of images or adding more images from the Download Images page.
Possible Actions from Review Orders page